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In 1974, the rural "Robbery and Snatching" is not over, the county put the county on labor arrangements largest water conservancy project on the history of the county - the red willow project. To give the county the county, with three years, radical sky lake, willow lake flooding, cheapest fifa 15 coins to ensure high and stable yields of grain. More than thirty labor on all three teams. Tang mouth opener is the site. Put a few miles wide lake dam cut off to ensure the safety of downstream farmland. Tang mouth more than three months after the fighting, the project cheapest fifa 15 coins is far from complete. Three teams also received an emergency notice, asking them to rush to the site Takeyama mouth. Some people react to the leadership, said more than three months to go, want to go home to see. Rural guy, not so long away from home, and after he moved, and farther away from home. But leaders do not agree, were dropped. Takeyama mouth site has more than a month, is the winter months, one day, we had a heavy rain once in many years. Borrow pit filled with water, temporary dug pit, can not drain, the water can not be discharged hang filled with soil. Leadership is also headquarters to the scene, do nothing. Workers going home standby. This is their water conservancy construction site for more than four months to the first break. On the way back to camp, most people say you want a good sleep after returning to the residence, several months everyone is sorely lacking sleepy day, more than ten hours of labor, had a good sleep. Li Lanbo do not think he wanted to go home. Put the idea to say. He said: "We have not been home for a few months, the family did not know what kind?" Someone on top of him: "If you want a wife wanted a wife, but also about what the bend." Li Lanbo not be avoided, he said: "Yes ah, want a wife, and you do not want to ah." Yes, ah, we all want. Just catch closely site, can not go home. Someone asked: "how can certainly go back and it will not grant leave more than 80 miles, if we were to go back, how had found the above?.?" Mr li like a good morning's. He said: "We keep people housekeeping, when the above to check, say we strolled to go in town and puddles of water on the short-lived fad can not do we go back today, back tomorrow morning, will not. there are problems. "after he did so that everyone feel justified. Opened immediately shouted: "Hurry walked, still stunned with what?" So everybody act quickly.

FIFA 15 Coins

It was also pointed out: "Today improve the food, cheapest fifa 15 coins ah night." This reminds us. It is hard to come by, as specified above, once a month to improve the lives of migrant workers, cheapest fifa 15 coins, one with a pound of cheapest fifa 15 coins. If you go home, eat less cheapest fifa 15 coins, too uneconomical. Some people wanted to make housekeeping Li Lan was he brought back the cheapest fifa 15 coins. He is a lonely old, do not go home. We'll be back tomorrow, and still eat cheapest fifa 15 coins. Everyone is agreed that Li Lan was also agreed. Everything is a compromise when the. In order not to be found, everyone else seems to go from a side door. Rain is still falling, everyone I am similar, hats, plastic raincoats on together, can not hold back the cold rain. Because back home, everyone is very high enthusiasm. Just miry road, speed is affected. Thirty-four hours later, more than half the distance to the sky Hunan tail. Here is a semi-dry before the river, you can not wade past. Two of the world do not want too much rain, rising water of a small river, a river into a river. Li Lanbo separately requires everyone can find a place to cross the river. So we split up to look for. Searched and searched ah, no boats, no roots wood. Only the mighty river, the wind rolled up whitecaps issued palpitations people rushing sound. Another hour, we sadly returned to the place. Can not cross the river. We do nothing. Some people think of cheapest fifa 15 coins today, to send a shout: "Come on, this time is still here, is to be able to cross the river tomorrow morning to drive back to the site without cheapest fifa 15 coins back ah.."

FIFA 15 Coins

Face reality, we had to bow. So we all have back in time. Just because it can not cross the river, hungry and cold. Everybody has gone much effort. Now think back to the site after there is cheapest fifa 15 coins, but also playing the spirit. Back to the site when they already dark. Eaten for a day, you hungry until called upon. Room, no lights, dark. We just called, Li Lan, Li Lan only. No response. Someone will find a match, lit lantern. Li Lan was found sitting on the bed, looks like a Buddha. And they roar on:. "? Call you, you silent, the cheapest fifa 15 coins of it," "cheapest fifa 15 coins in the bed," said Li Lan was buzzing. Everyone is looking under the bed. Three bowl out all end. Although the lights, but a look inside the bowl found no cheapest fifa 15 coins. A mix with chopsticks, only soup, no cheapest fifa 15 coins. To ask the cheapest fifa 15 coins gone? Li Lan then said, "Well cheapest fifa 15 coins, both in the bowl of" three bowl broth widowed water, what's cheapest fifa 15 coins. And they suspect that Li Lan cheapest fifa 15 coins only then given away. Most likely to be next door to the widow of the king. Asked if he was sent to the king of the widow of the cheapest fifa 15 coins? This old guy, do not do some serious things. Li Lan did not have just said no. Guys just do not believe. Some people really went to the widow of the king asked. Did not ask out of a result is not that also savagely criticized. Stomach has been unable to withstand the toss, we would support from a big pot, from cafeteria to pick a load of cabbage, the three bowl pour the broth in the pot, the fire burned, and the broth to cook the cabbage to eat. After one or two bowls of rice eaten, everyone rushes to speak: "? The Li Lan Cai, how able to eat so much cheapest fifa 15 coins on them and there is definitely a problem that the company deducted, the less there are twenty kilograms of.." "You never heard him once ate a whole pig at home." he had a pig eating alone. Is well known. So what the locals home red, white wedding not ask him for help. After say this, everybody has a little convinced. Whether you believe it or not, anyway, the cheapest fifa 15 coins is gone. Do not recognize they have to recognize. Repine it? Not on anyone complain. An affair quickly ate cabbage cleaners.
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